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Max Henry Furbringer

Max Henry Furbringer, American architect. (Fellow) The American Institute of Architects; Mason (32°, Scottish Rite).; Club: Lions (Memphis, Tennessee).


  • Furbringer, Max Henry was born on July 26, 1879 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. Son of Henry and Dora (Ockel) Furbringer.

  • Education

    • Student Washington University, 1896-1898, Beaux Arts Society, New York, 1898-1900.


    • Architectural draftsman, Eames & Young, St. Louis, Missouri, 1900-1902. Partner, Jones & Furbringer, Memphis, Tennessee, 1902-1935, Furbringer & Ehrman, since 1935. Chairman City Planning Comn.

      Trustee Memphis Academy of Arts.


    • Author: Domestic Architecture, 1916.


    Fellow) The American Institute of Architects. Mason (32°, Scottish Rite). Club: Lions (Memphis, Tennessee).


    • Married Marzie Harris, 1901.; married second, Sophye Buchanan, 1921. Children: Louis, Victor.
    • father: Henry Furbringer
    • mother: Dora (Ockel) Furbringer
    • spouses: Marzie Harris
    • Sophye Buchanan
    • children: Louis Furbringer
    • Victor Furbringer
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    Died January 17, 1957
    (aged 77)