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Sldney Herbert Hare

Sldney Herbert Hare, American city planner and landscape architect. Fellow American Society Landscape Architects (past president), American Institute Park Executives; member American Institute of Planners (former Governors). Christian Scientist.; Club: University.


  • Hare, Sldney Herbert was born on June 27, 1888 in Kansas City, Missouri, United States. Son of Sid J. and Mathilda Amelia (Korfhage) Hare.

  • Education

    • Graduate Manual Training High School, Kansas City, 1906. Studied landscape architecture and city planning, Harvard, 1908-1910.


    • Draftsman father’s office, landscape architect, 1906, partner with father as Hare & Hare, 1910-1938, now continuing with partners under same firm name. Representative firm in planning many residential subdivs. over country including large portion Country Club district Kansas City. Site development of low cost and war housing projects.

      U. Texas., Nebraska and other campuses. New industrial city, Longview, Washington, 1922-1926. Texas Centennial Exposition grounds, 1934-1936.

      Also consultant various times city planning and parks, Houston, Texas, city planning, parks and school grounds, Fort Worth, Texas. City planning, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. City planning and parks, Kansas City, Missoury.

      Company planning, Jackson and Clay Companies, Missouri. Parks, Dallas, Texas. Lectured University of Kansas 1914, and University of Hawaii, 1931.

      Supervising planner, Camp Funston, Kansas, 1917. District town planner United States Housing Corporation, Washington, District of Columbia, 1918-1919. Consultant several state planning bds., 1934-1941.

      Work has extended into 33 states and 3 foreign countries. Board Governors Kansas City The Art Institute of Chicago Trustee U. Kansas City.


    • Author: various planning reports. Contributor professional articles.


    Fellow American Society Landscape Architects (past president), American Institute Park Executives. Member American Institute of Planners (former Governors). Christian Scientist.

    Club: University.


    • Married Aurel M. Murtey, July 11, 1914 (deceased.
    • father: Sid J. Hare
    • mother: Mathilda Amelia (Korfhage) Hare
    • spouse: Aurel M. Murtey
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    Died April 18, 1960
    (aged 71)


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      • city planner and landscape architect
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      • Author: various planning reports. Contributor professional articles.
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