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Richard Kiehnel

Richard Kiehnel, German architect. Awarded Gold Medal Declaration of Honor by Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida, 1941. (Fellow) The American Institute of Architects; member Florida Association of Architects.; Mason (32°, Shriner, K.T.).


  • Kiehnel, Richard was born on November 1, 1870 in Germany. Son of Edward and Matilda (Spreuer) Kiehnel.

  • Education

    • Graduate School of Architecture, Breslau, Germany, 1891. Student School of Fine Arts, Breslau, 1891, Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin, 1892, Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1902.


    • Came to the United States, 1892, naturalized, 1898. Began as architectural designer in Chicago, 1892. In private practice, 1898-1902.

      Designer for Eagan & Prindeville, 1902. Designer and associate of J. Milton Dyer, Cleveland, 1902-1903, F. J. Oesterling, Pittsburgh, 1903-1905. Practiced as Kiehnel & Elliott, in Pittsburgh, 1906-1928, Miami office since 1917.


    • Editor of Florida Architecture and Allied Arts, 1935-1942.


    Fellow) The American Institute of Architects. Member Florida Association of Architects. Mason (32°, Shriner, K.T.).

    Clubs: Century of Miami.


    • Married Jessie Mayer, May 5, 1915.
    • father: Edward Kiehnel
    • mother: Matilda (Spreuer) Kiehnel
    • spouse: Jessie Mayer
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    Born November 1, 1870
    Died November 3, 1944
    (aged 74)