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Henry Hamilton Hal Dewar

Henry Hamilton Hal Dewar was an American investment banker.


  • Dewar, Henry Hamilton Hal was born on March 26, 1902 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Son of Hamilton and Mary (Kinney) Dewar.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Univercity Texas, 1923.


    • Engaged as employee of Guaranty Company of New York, 1923-1924, J.E. Jarratt Company, San Antonio, 1924-1929. Manager at bond department of Alamo National Company, 1929-1931. Partner Dewar, Robertson and Pancoast, San Antonio, 1932-1967, Hornblower & Weeks-Hemphill, Noyes, San Antonio, 1967-1972.

      Chairman of the Texas District Investment Bankers Conference, 1938-1939. Member of the National Committee of Securities Industry for War Financing, 1942. Member of financial advising committee, Committee for Economics Development, 1945.


    Member of the New York Stock Exchange, 1949-1967, governor, 1958-1961. Member of American Stock Exchange, 1949-1967. Member of Association Stock Exchange Firms (Board of Governors 1950-1952).

    Member of finance department committee United States Chamber of Commerce. Member of investment banking division of Voluntary Credit Restraint Committee Trustee. Member of the Board of Governors S.W. Research Institute, 1954-1975, vice chairman, 1962-1966.

    President of the United Fund of San Antonio, 1957. Member of Texas Commision on Higher Education (vice chairman 1956-1960). Member of Texas Board of Education Investment Advisory Committee, 1960.

    Member of Commision on Goals for South Higher Education, 1961. Member of Southern Regional Education Board, 1966-1975. Member of Investment Bankers Association American (vice president 1944-1948, president 1948-1949, governor 1943-1950), Texas Investment Bankers Association (president 1931-1932), National Association Securities Dealers (member of the Board of Governors and Executive Committee 1940-1942, chairman 1942), Delta Tau Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma.

    Clubs: San Antonio Country, Order of Alamo, Argyle (San Antonio), Racquet and Tennis (New York City).


    • Married Hallie Ball, October 14, 1927. Children: Robert Ball, Hallie Ball (Mistress George Heyer), Marion Cooke (Mistress Michael Bell).
    • father: Hamilton Dewar
    • mother: Mary (Kinney) Dewar
    • spouse: Hallie Ball
    • children: Robert Ball Dewar
    • Hallie Ball Dewar (Mistress George Heyer)
    • Marion Cooke Dewar (Mistress Michael Bell)
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    Born March 26, 1902
    Died July 2, 1975
    (aged 73)


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