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John Woodbridge

John Woodbridge, British clergyman, banker.


  • Woodbridge, John was born in 1613 in Stanton, Wellshire, England. Son of John and Sarah (Parker) Woodbridge.

  • Education

    • Attended Oxford (England) University.


    • Came to New England, 1634, settled in Newbury, Massachusetts. 1st town clerk of Newbury, 1636-1638, selectman, 1636. Deputy to Massachusetts General Court, 1637-1638, 40-41.

      Schoolmaster in Boston, 1643-1645. 1st pastor church at Andover, Massachusetts, 1645-1647. Went to England, 1647, held various pastorates, 1648-1663.

      Returned to New England, circa 1664, joined uncle in pastorate at Newbury. Proposed bank of deposit and issue with land and commodities as collateral, 1667-1668. Dismissed from his ministry, 1670.

      Newbury’s commissioner for small causes, 1677-1679, 81, 90. Elected assistant in Massachusetts General Court, 1683-1684.


    • Married Mercy Dudley, 1639, 12 children.
    • father: John Woodbridge
    • mother: Sarah (Parker) Woodbridge
    • spouse: Mercy Dudley
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    Born 1613
    Died March 17, 1695
    (aged 82)