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William Jerome Coombs

William Jerome Coombs, American banker. member 52d and 53d Congresses, 1891-1895.


  • Coombs, William Jerome was born on December 24, 1832 in Jordan, New York, United States. Son of Charles (soldier in War of 1812) and Mary (Wooleaver) C.

  • Education

    • Educated Jordan Academy.


    • Merchant, foreign business, 1855-1895. A pioneer in organizing and developing the export business of the United States. At time of retirement, 1895, had active business relations with every country in the world.

      President Manufacturers Trust Company, Brooklyn, 1896-1903. Chairman advisory board Title Guaranty & Trust Company, since 1903. President S. Brooklyn Savings Institution, since 1904.

      Appointed government director Union Pacific Railroad with special commission to collect the debt of over $124,000,000, which was collected under his direction. Candidate for 51st Congress, 1888. Member 52d and 53d Congresses, 1891-1895.


    Party affiliation: Democrat


    Member 52d and 53d Congresses, 1891-1895.


    • Married Josephine Adams, October 21, 1856 (died 1915).
    • father: Charles Coombs
    • spouse: Josephine Adams
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    Born December 24, 1832
    Died January 14, 1922
    (aged 89)