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John Samuel Hatch Frink

John Samuel Hatch Frink, American lawyer, banker.


  • Frink, John Samuel Hatch was born on November 9, 1832 in Newington, New Hampshire, United States. Son of Simes and Sarah (Hatch) Frink.

  • Education

    • Preparatory education Hampton Academy. Graduate Bowdoin College, 1851.


    • Admitted to bar, 1855. Attorney for Rockingham Company, N.H., 1871-1875. Appointed judge Supreme Court N.H., 1871 and 1878, but declined both apptmts.

      United States district attorney, N.H., 1885-1890. Palmer Democrat. President Portsmouth Savings Bank. Home: Greenland, N.H.


    • Married Lucretia Morse Pickering, 1860.
    • father: Simes Frink
    • mother: Sarah (Hatch) Frink
    • spouse: Lucretia Morse Pickering
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    Born November 9, 1832
    Died 1905
    (aged 72)