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Charles Lanier

Charles Lanier, American banker. member firm Winslow, Lanier & Co.


  • Lanier, Charles was born on January 19, 1837 in Madison, Indiana, United States. Son of James F. D. and Elizabeth G. Lanier.

  • Education

    • Educated Russell’s Military School, New Haven, Connecticut.


    • Became member firm Winslow, Lanier & Company, bankers, at 23, senior member, since 1860. President Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railway Company, Massillon & Cleveland R.R. Trustee Central Union Trust Company.

      Director Southern Ry Company Home: New York, New York.


    Member firm Winslow, Lanier & Co.


    • Married Sarah E. Egleston, October 7, 1857 (deceased).
    • father: James F. D.
    • mother: Elizabeth G. Lanier
    • spouse: Sarah E. Egleston
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    Born January 19, 1837
    Died March 7, 1926
    (aged 89)