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John Thompson

John Thompson, American banker, publisher.


  • Thompson, John was born on November 2, 1802 in Portridgefield, Massachusetts, United States. Son of Amherst and Sarah (Clarke) Thompson.

  • Education

    • Attended Harley Academy, Massachusetts.


    • Opened brokerage office on Wall Street, New York City, 1833. Began periodical public Thompson’s Bank Note and Commercial Reporter which gave facts on notes of Southern and Western banks, 1842. Received charter for 1st National Bank, New York City, 1863, president, 1863-1877.

      Founder (with sons) Chase National Bank, 1877, president, 1884.


    • Married Electra Ferris, 1829, at least 3 children.
    • father: Amherst Thompson
    • mother: Sarah (Clarke) Thompson
    • spouse: Electra Ferris
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    Born November 2, 1802
    Died April 19, 1891
    (aged 88)