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Walter Mills Bennet

Walter Mills Bennet, American banker.


  • Bennet, Walter Mills was born on November 3, 1861 in New York City. Son of Orville G. and Anna Jane (Mills) Bennet.

  • Education

    • Graduate business course, College City of New York, 1879.


    • February 20, 1894. Began in employ of Kountze Brothers, bankers, 1879. With Bank of America, 1884-1888, Chrystie & Janney, 1888-1892. Again with Bank of America, 1892, vice president, 1900, resigning as 1st vice president, 1926, resigning as director, 1929.

      Vice president Consolidated Copper Mines, 1929-1931. Trustee Dry Dock Savings Trust. Trustee Young Men’s Christian Association, Greenwich, Connecticut.


    God seeks to transform relationship with and between people. If politics is about how we choose to live together and to treat one another, there is surely a place for discerning the activity of God in politics.

    Party affiliation: Republican


    The life with Christ is not only to live in the atmosphere of your local church. God made his children creative, productive, and therefore able to make the whole world a better place.

    Denomination: Methodist


    Language of offensive nature with regard to race, ethnicity or nationality does not indicate the value of each individual and contradicts the teaching of Jesus Christ.


    • Married Sara K. Longacre.
    • father: Orville G. Bennet
    • mother: Anna Jane (Mills) Bennet
    • spouse: Sara K. Longacre.
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    Born November 3, 1861
    Died January 13, 1938
    (aged 76)