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Ambrose Shaw List

Ambrose Shaw List, American banker.


  • List, Ambrose Shaw was born on May 15, 1854 in Wheeling, West Virginia, United States. Son of Henry K. and Sarah Jane (Shaw) List.

  • Education

    • Student W.


    • Began as shipping clerk, wholesale grocery, Wheeling, 1871. Wool buyer, 1878-1886. Banking business, since 1886.

      With Wheeling Dollar Savings & Trust Company, since 1918, now Chairman of the Board.


    Christian discipleship is a commitment to work for social and political change of the community you live in.

    Party affiliation: Republican


    The longing for holiness is not about wanting to be 'holier than thou'. It is about wanting the love of God to permeate all of our life, and for that love to be shown through our lives to other people.

    Denomination: Methodist


    The strong feature of Methodism is that prayers are not only led by an ordained minister, but often by a local preacher - a lay person who has been trained and authorized to lead worship and preach.


    • father: Henry K. List
    • mother: Sarah Jane (Shaw) List
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    Died January 10, 1938
    (aged 83)