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John Hall Mcclement

John Hall Mcclement, American banker. Mason.


  • Mcclement, John Hall was born on May 27, 1862 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of John Wesley and Mary Ann (Hall) M.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Central High School, Philadelphia, 1879, and A.M., 1884.


    • Clerk at Port Richmond, Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Company, 1879. Clerk Pennsylvania R.R., auditor of disbursements, 1879-1881. Chief clerk to comptroller D.&Radh Govinda, Mexican National Rys., and Colorado Coal & Iron County, New York City, 1881-1883.

      Comptroller Northern Pacific Terminal Company, Portland, Oregon, 1883-1885. Assistant secretary and treasurer Buffalo, New York & Philadelphia R.R., 1886-1887. Comptroller Edison Electric Light Company, and Edison General Electric Company, 1887-1890.

      President of numerous electrical companies, 1890-1899. Assistant to chairman in reorganization of Northern Pacific Railroad, 1894-1897. Comptroller Chicago Terminal Transfer R.R., 1897-1899.

      Vice-president and comptroller St. Louis, Peoria & Northern R.R., 1897-1899. Vice-president and chairman Colorado Fuel & Iron Company, 1904. Member George P. Butler & Brother, 1899-1908.

      President and Chairman of the Board Empire Engineering Company.


    Party affiliation: Republican




    • Married Miss Lena Morgan, June 1, 1892.
    • father: John Wesley M.
    • mother: Mary Ann (Hall) M.
    • spouse: Miss Lena Morgan
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    Born March 27, 1862
    Died March 16, 1924
    (aged 61)