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Frederic Waldo Rugg

Frederic Waldo Rugg, American banker. member of board of managers Boston Provident Association.


  • Rugg, Frederic Waldo was born on December 1, 1855 in Rindge, New Hampshire, United States. Son of William Stickney and Clarissa (Sawtell) Rugg.

  • Education

    • Educational public schools.


    • 1 son, Robert Billings. Married second, Mistress Myra A. Knight, 1923. Began in business in Fitchburg, 1872.

      Street railway business, Boston, 1876-1880. Entered banking, 1880. Cashier, 1898, and president National Rockland Bank, 1907-1932, Chairman of the Board, January since 1932.

      Trustee Institution for Savings in Roxbury. Commissioner statistics department City of Boston.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Denomination: Unitarian


    Member of board of managers Boston Provident Association.


    • Married Luella R. Billings, 1879 (died 1919).; married second, Mistress.
    • father: William Stickney Rugg
    • mother: Clarissa (Sawtell) Rugg
    • spouses: Luella R. Billings
    • Mistress
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    Born December 1, 1855
    Died November 5, 1932
    (aged 76)