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Ted Conrad Simmons

Ted Conrad Simmons, American writer. Grantee Art Commission King County, 1993. Served with United States Army Air Force, 1942-1946.


  • Simmons, Ted Conrad was born on September 1, 1916 in Seattle, Washington, United States. Son of Conrad and Clara Evelyn (Beaudry).

  • Education

    • Student, University Washington, 1941. Student, University of California at Los Angeles and Los Angeles State University, 1954. Student, Oxford University, England, 1980.


    • Drama critic Seattle Daily Times, 1942. Industrial writer, reporter-editor Los Angeles Daily News, 1948-1951. Contributor Steel, Western Metals, Western Industry, from 1951.

      Past poetry director Watts Writers Workshop. Instructor Westside Poetry Center. Assistant director Pacific Coast Writers Conf, California State College Los Los Angeles.


    • Author: (poetry) Deadended, 1966. (novel) Middlearth, 1975. (drama) Greenhouse, 1977, Durable Chaucer, 1978, Rabelais and other plays, 1980, Dickeybird, 1981 (nominated TCG Plays-in-Progress award 1985), Alice and Eve, 1983, Deja Vu, Deja Vu, 1986, The Box, 1987, Ingrid Superstar, 1988, Three Quarks for Mr.

      Marks, 1989, Ingrid: Skier on the Slopes of Stromboli, 1990, A Midsummer's Hamlet, 1991, Hamlet Nintendo, After Hours, Dueling Banjoes, Viva el Presidente, Climate of the Sun, 1992, Nude Descending Jacob's Ladder, 1993, Almost an Opera, 1994, Landscape with Inverted Tree and Fred Astaire Dancing, 1995, O.J. Othello, Fast Track, Searching for Alice Liddell, Mr. Blue of Freaky Animals, Incorporated, 1997, Rosenstern & Guildencrantz II, 1997, Rosa/Rosa of the Centuries/Rosa of the Thorns, 1997, Joyce, 1997, Joyce-After Hours, 1997, Amadeus & da Cultchur Club, 1997, Wonderland: Alice's New Adventures, 1998, The Brilliant Life of an Intelligent Orchid-A Play About Ingrid Bergman, 1998, Chekhov Off-Broadway, The Premiere, Good Night Sweet Prince, The Scare, 1999, 18 Mini-Micro Dramas, BloomsDay, The Scream, The Bird, 2000, Will, Jean "n" Jim— A Play, 2001. Writer short story, radio verse.

      Book reviewer Los Angeles Times. Contributor poetry to the American Poet, Prairie Wings, Antioch Review, Year Two Anthology. Editor: Venice Poetry Company Presents, 1972.


    Served with United States Army Air Force, 1942-1946.


    • Son of; married Dorothy Pauline Maltese, June 1, 1942. Children: Lynn, Juliet.
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    Born September 1, 1916
    Died January 19, 2006
    (aged 89)
    • 1941
      University Washington
    • 1954
      University of California at Los Angeles and Los Angeles State University
    • 1980
      Oxford University
    • 1942
      Drama critic Seattle Daily Times
    • 1948 - 1951
      industrial writer