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Horatio Gates Lloyd

Horatio Gates Lloyd, American banker. member Morgan & Cie, Paris.


  • Lloyd, Horatio Gates was born on January 14, 1867 in Middletown, Delaware, United States. Son of Horatio Gates and Elizabeth (Newell) Lloyd.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Laws, University of Pennsylivania, 1887, Doctor of Laws, same university, 1931.


    • Admitted to Pennsylvania bar, 1888. Clerk Philadelphia Trust Company, 1888-1894, assistant secretary, 1894-1900. Treasurer Commercial Trust Company, Philadelphia, 1900, vice president, 1900-1902, president, 1902-1910.

      Partner Drexel & Company, since 1910. Nartner J. P. Morgan & Company, since 1912. Member Morgan & Cie, Paris.

      Director General Asphalt Company, Philadelphia Electric Company, Philadelphia Electric Power Company, Susquehanna Power Company, Bell Telephone Сompany Chairman War Chest Campaign Committee, during the World War. President board commissioner Haverford Township, Pennsylvania, 1912-1922. One of founders, 1921, vice president, since 1921, Welfare Federation.

      Chairman Committee for Unemployment Relief, 1930-1931. Administrator of bureau of Unemployment Relief of Department of Public Welfare, Philadelphia, 1931.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Denomination: Presbyn


    Member Morgan & Cie, Paris.


    • Married Mary Helen Wingate, May 6, 1897. Children: Horatio Gates, Richard Wingate.
    • father: Horatio Gates Lloyd
    • mother: Elizabeth (Newell) Lloyd
    • spouse: Mary Helen Wingate
    • children: Horatio Gates Lloyd
    • Richard Wingate Lloyd
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    Born January 14, 1867
    Died January 21, 1937
    (aged 70)