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Frederick Holbrook Rawson

Frederick Holbrook Rawson, American banker.


  • Rawson, Frederick Holbrook was born on May 30, 1872 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Son of Stephen W. and Emily (Holbrook) Rawson.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Yale, 1895.


    • Began as entry clerk, 1895, with Union Trust Company, became vice president, 1901. president 1905. Chairman of the Board, 1925. Co-Chairman of the Board First National Bank of Chicago, after merger of Union Trust Company with First National Bank, February 13, 1929-August 26, 1930, Chairman of the Board, August 26, 1930-August 31, 1933. when retired from active business.

      Founded Mercantile Trust and Savings Bank and continued as Chairman of the Board and director until 1933. Home: Chicago, Ill.


    • Married Edith Kennett, January 10, 1907. Children: Frederick Holbrook, Kennett Longley.
    • father: Stephen W. Rawson
    • mother: Emily (Holbrook) Rawson
    • spouse: Edith Kennett
    • children: Frederick Holbrook Rawson
    • Kennett Longley Rawson
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    Born March 30, 1872
    Died February 5, 1937
    (aged 64)