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Ira Clerk

Ira Clerk, Australian banker.


  • Clerk, Ira was born on June 21, 1885 in at Ingham, Australia. Son of Arthur Temple and Alice Maud May (Cunningham) Clerk.

  • Education

    • Student Boys Normal School, Brisbane, 1898-1900, Toowoomba Grammar School (preparatory school), January-December 1901.


    • Came to the United States, 1905, naturalized citizen, 1914. Clerk New Zealand Loan & Mercantile Agency Company, Brisbane, Australia, 1902-1905. Sanger (California) Lumber Company, 1905.

      Canadian Bank of Commerce, San Francisco and elsewhere, 1906-1912, Bank of Italy, San Francisco, 1913-1914. With Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco since November 1914. beginning as acting assistant cashier, 1st vice president since 1936.


    Denomination: Episcopalian


    Clubs: Bohemian, Commonwealth, San Francisco Flycasting (San Francisco).


    • Married Winifred Mastick, December 27, 1913. Children: George Temple, Franklyn, Douglas, Norman.
    • father: Arthur Temple Clerk
    • mother: Alice Maud May (Cunningham) Clerk
    • spouse: Winifred Mastick
    • children: George Temple Clerk
    • Franklyn Clerk
    • Douglas Clerk
    • Norman Clerk
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    Born June 21, 1885
    Died September 28, 1946
    (aged 61)