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Robert Perry Shorts

Robert Perry Shorts, Canadian banker. Recipient Horatio Alger award American Schools and Colls. Association, 1963. Member Saginaw Board Commerce (president 1924-1925), Phi Kappa Psi.; Mason (32, Shriner), Rotarian.


  • Shorts, Robert Perry was born on December 30, 1879 in Morris, Manitoba, Canada. Son of Robert and Eliza Jane (Armstrong) Shorts.

  • Education

    • Graduate Central Michigan State Normal College, 1900. Bachelor of Laws, University Michigan, 1906.


    • Principal public schools Lainsbury, Michigan, 1901-1902. Practice law, Saginaw, Michigan, 1907. General counsel and director United States Health & Accident Insurance Company, 1907-1914.

      1st vice-president, director Mass Bonding & Insurance Company, Boston, 1914-1918. Vice president F.W. & F. Carlisle Company, Saginaw, 1919-1920. Vice-president, director 2d National Bank, Saginaw, 1921-1928, president, 1929-1957, Chairman of the Board, 1957-1965, honorary chairman, 1965-1975.

      Director Michigan Bell Telephone Сompany Board of directors Saginaw Community Chest.


    When peaceful alternatives to resolve the conflict failed, the use of force may be the only option to check aggression or genocide.

    Party affiliation: Republican


    Regular ceremonies enable people to open themselves to God more fully. They help people to hear God's offer and challenge ever more deeply, and to allow God to prompt and enable them to respond.

    Denomination: Methodist


    Every member of a Christian Church should be delicate to other people and use appropriate language while communicating with others.


    Member Saginaw Board Commerce (president 1924-1925), Phi Kappa Psi. Mason (32, Shriner), Rotarian. Clubs: Saginaw, Saginaw Country, Detroit.

    Speaker and writer on economics subjects.


    • Married Helen Hubbard Houseman, November 12, 1907. Children: Robert Lester (deceased), Mistress.
    • father: Robert Shorts
    • mother: Eliza Jane (Armstrong) Shorts
    • spouse: Helen Hubbard Houseman
    • children: Robert Lester Shorts (deceased)
    • Mrs Shorts
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    Born December 30, 1879
    Died August 12, 1975
    (aged 95)