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Oscar H. Keller

Oscar H. Keller, Canadian banking executive. Member American Institute Banking.


  • Keller, Oscar H. was born in 1896 in Port Arthur, Canada.

  • Career

    • Director 1st National.


    People sometimes argue that involvement in political life involves getting our hands dirty, so is something Christians should avoid. But God is present in everything, including political institutions.

    Party affiliation: Republican


    The relationship with God in Covenant is like a marriage between human beings – both as a community and as individuals – on the one side and God in Christ on the other.

    Denomination: Methodist


    The strong feature of Methodism is that prayers are not only led by an ordained minister, but often by a local preacher - a lay person who has been trained and authorized to lead worship and preach.


    Member American Institute Banking.


    • Children: Edward, Michael, Trudi.
    • children: Edward Keller
    • Michael Keller
    • Trudi Keller
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    Born 1896
    Died February 6, 1962
    (aged 66)