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Henry Harold Whitman

Henry Harold WHITMAN, Argentinian banker;. member board of directors, Banco Central de la República Argentina, 1944^47. Member: United States Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (exprés.), Jockey Club, Club Universitario Buenos Aires, San Andrés Golf Club, Belgrano Athletic Club, American Society of the River Plate.


  • Whitman, Henry Harold was born on September 7, 1897 in Marlboro, Massachusetts, United States. Son of Carmon Smith and Gertrude (Ruggles) Whitman.

  • Education

    • Educated Brown University, Providence (Rhode Island), 1915-1919.


    • Staff foreign brs. National City Bank, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, 1919-1941, Argentina, 1941-1950, vice president, New York City, 1950-1962. Director Central Bank Argentina, Argentine Trade Promotion Corporation.


    Denomination: Presbyterian


    Member advising committee Export-Import Bank, 1960-1961. Advisory committee Tinker Foundation. Served as Second lieutenant, artillery, United States Army, World War I.

    Member American Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (president 1943-1945), American Society River Plate (president 1946-1947), Council Foreign Relations, Pan American Society United States (president 1959-1962), National Council American Importers (director 1951-1962), United States Inter-American Council (vice chairman 1954-1962), Bankers’ Association for Foreign Trade (president 1960-1961). Clubs: Metropolitan (treasurer), Brown University (New York City).


    • Married Jean Mary Meyer, September 14, 1931. Children: Ralph Eugene, Charles Henry.
    • father: Carmon Smith Whitman
    • mother: Gertrude (Ruggles) Whitman
    • spouse: Jean Mary Meyer
    • children: Ralph Eugene Whitman
    • Charles Henry Whitman
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    Born September 7, 1897
    Died June 7, 1963
    (aged 65)


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