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George Richard Yancey

George Richard Yancey, American investment banker.


  • Yancey, George Richard was born on January 25, 1898 in Co Bluffs, Iowa, United States. Son of Charles C. and Lucy E. (Linebarger) Y Bachelor of Science, Whitman College, 1921.

  • Career

    • President Composite Fund, Inc., Composite Bond and Stock Fund, Inc. (all Spokane).


    • Married Ruth M. Yenney, August 21, 1925. Children: Richard C., Robert G. Chairman.
    • father: Charles C. Yancey
    • mother: Lucy E. (Linebarger) Yancey
    • spouse: Ruth M. Yenney
    • children: Richard C. Yancey
    • Robert G. Chairman Yancey
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    Born January 25, 1898
    Died March 11, 1974
    (aged 76)