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John Lowell

John Lowell, American merchant, philanthropist. Member Boston City Council, Mass.


  • Lowell, John was born on May 11, 1799 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Son of Francis Cabot and Hannah (Jackson) Lowell.

  • Education

    • Entered Harvard, 1813.


    • Member Boston City Council, Massachusetts Legislature. Went to India as merchant dealing with East Indies, 1816. Provided funds to found Lowell Institute in his will, 1832.


    Member Boston City Council, Mass.


    • Married Georgina Amory, April.
    • father: Francis Cabot Lowell
    • mother: Hannah (Jackson) Lowell
    • spouse: Georgina Amory
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    Born March 11, 1799
    Died March 4, 1836
    (aged 36)