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Sarah Worthington King Peter

Sarah Worthington King Peter, American philanthropist.


  • Peter, Sarah Worthington King was born on May 10, 1800 in Chillicothe, Ohio, United States. Daughter of Thomas and Eleanor (Van Swearingen) Worthington.

  • Career

    • Worked in the United States war prisons during Civil War</td><tr><td class="label_burgverd11px"><b>Death</b></td></tr><tr><td> Died Cincinnati, February 6, 1877.


    • Married Edward King, 1816. Married second, William Peter, October 1844.
    • father: Thomas Worthington
    • mother: Eleanor (Van Swearingen) Worthington
    • spouses: Edward King
    • William Peter
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    Born March 10, 1800
    Died February 6, 1877
    (aged 76)