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Charles Broadway Rouss

Charles Broadway Rouss, American merchant, philanthropist.


  • Rouss, Charles Broadway was born on February 11, 1836 in Woodsboro, Maryland, United States. Son of Peter Hoke and Belinda (Baltzell) Rouss.

  • Education

    • Educated Winchester, Virginia, Academy.


    • James Keenan, 1859. In business, clerk and storekeeper, Winchester, Virginia, 1851-1861. In C.S.A., 1861-1865. In business New York, since 1865.

      Made large gifts to Winchester, Virginia, for various public purposes. Erected, Mount Hope Cemetery, near New York, monument to dead Confederate Veterans’ Camp, New York. Founded physical laboratory, University of Virginia.

      Founded Confederate Memorial Hall, Museum of Confederate Relics. Presented to New York replica of statues of Washington and Lafayette by Bartholdi. Gave $100,000 for Confederate monument, Richmond.

      Virginia, etc. Home: New York, New York.


    • Married Maggie, d.
    • father: Peter Hoke Rouss
    • mother: Belinda (Baltzell) Rouss
    • spouse: Maggie
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    Born February 11, 1836
    Died 1902
    (aged 65)