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Emily Greene Balch

Emily Greene Balch, American economist. Awarded (with Dr. member municipal board of trustees for children, 1897-1898; Member Society of Friends.


  • Balch, Emily Greene was born on January 8, 1867 in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States. Daughter of Francis V. and Ellen M. (Noyes) Balch.

  • Education

    • Studied polit.


    • Was member Massachusetts State Commision on Industrial Education, 1908-1909. Member Massachusetts State Commision on Immigration, 1913-1914. Boston City Planning Board, 1914-1917.


    • Author: Public Assistance of the Poor in France, 1893. Outline of Economics, 1899. A Study Of Conditions of City Life, published 1903.

      Our Slavic Fellow-Citizens, 1910. Women at The Hague (joint author), 1915. Approaches to the Great Settlement, 1918.

      Occupied Haiti (joint author and editor), 1927. Refugees as Assets, 1939. The Miracle of Living (poems), 1941.

      One Europe, 1947
    • Vignettes In Prose, 1952. Toward Human Unity, or Beyond Nationalism, 1952. Awarded (with Doctor John R. Mott) Nobel Peace prize for 1946.


    Member municipal board of trustees for children, 1897-1898. Member Society of Friends.


    • father: Francis V. Balch
    • mother: Ellen M. (Noyes) Balch
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    Died January 9, 1961
    (aged 94)