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Henrietta Willard Calvin

Henrietta Willard Calvin, American home economist.


  • Calvin, Henrietta Willard was born on August 11, 1865 in Jonesboro, Illinois, United States. Daughter of Henry Webb and Alice (Condon) Willard.

  • Education

    • Student Washburn College, Bachelor of Science, Kansas State Agricultural College, 1886, Doctor of Laws, 1925. Pd.D., Temple University. Doctor of Laws, Purdue University, 1937.


    • College, 1901-1903; professor domestic science, same, 1903-1908. Professor home economics, Purdue University, 1908-1912. Dean home economics and professor domestic science, Oregon Agricultural College, 1912-1915.

      Specialist in home economics, United States Bureau Education, 1915-1922. Director of home economics, Philadelphia public schools, 1922-1936. Lecturer at National Education Association Chautauquas, farmers’ insts., etc.


    • Contributor on educational topics and on cooperation in county, state and national relief projects.


    Church members should educate themselves on the moral issues being debated in the public arena.

    Party affiliation: Democrat


    Baptism should be administered to those who can understand the Christian faith and the true meaning of the rite.

    Denomination: Baptist


    Baptist Churches should organize delegations to different ecumenical conferences throughout the world and actively participate in the global inter-religious dialogues.


    • Married John H. Calvin, June 16, 1886 (deceased). Children: John Willard, Paul Henry, Mistress Ruth Yoke, David (deceased), Catherine (deceased), Benjamin Willis, George Fairchild.
    • father: Henry Webb Willard
    • mother: Alice (Condon) Willard
    • spouse: John H. Calvin
    • children: John Willard Calvin
    • Paul Henry Calvin
    • Mistress Ruth Yoke Calvin
    • David Calvin (deceased)
    • Catherine Calvin (deceased)
    • Benjamin Willis Calvin
    • George Fairchild Calvin
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    Born August 11, 1865