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William Boyd Hunter

William Boyd Hunter, American lawyer, economist.


  • Hunter, William Boyd was born on April 1, 1876 in Ponca, Nebraska, United States. Son of William Hugh and Annie (Armstrong) Hunter.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Science, University of Nebraska, 1897, A.M., 1898. Unmarried. Statistical expert, Bureau of Census, 1900-1904, and in charge of div. of methods and results, 1903-1904. Economist in charge investigations of monopolies, restraint of trade, and unfair methods of competition, Bureau of Corps.

      (now Federal Trade Commission), 1904-1913. Practiced law in Chicago, 1913-1914, in San Francisco, 1914-1920, chiefly public utility law and the anti-trust acts. Attorney-examiner, hearing railroad-rate cases, Interstate Commerce Commission, 1920-1926.

      Special attorney bureau of Internal Revenue, 1926-1927. Practiced law in Washington, District of Columbia, 1927-1935. Attorney Federal Trade Commission, 1938-1940, and since 1947.

      Now in private practice.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Denomination: Protestant


    • father: William Hugh Hunter
    • mother: Annie (Armstrong) Hunter
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    Born April 1, 1876