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David Hutchison MACGREGOR

David Hutchison MACGREGOR, British Lecturer.


  • MACGREGOR, David Hutchison was born in 1877 in Monifieth, Forfarshire. 2nd son of Reverend Robert Macgrogor, Master of Arts, late Rector of Nithside Academy, Dumfries.

  • Education

    • Nithside Academy; George Watson’s College, Edinburgh. Edinburgh University. Trinity College, Cambridge.

      (Members’ Prize, 1900. Burney Prize, 1902; Master of Arts.


    • President of the Union, 1902. Fellow of Trinity, 1904.) Resident of Toynbee Hall, 1903. Lecturer in Political Economy at Cambridge, 1904-1908.

      Sometime investigator under the Board of Trade. Professor of Political Economy in the University of Leeds since 1908.


    • Industrial Combination
    • This book was originally published prior to 1923, and represents a reproduction of an important historical work, maintaining the same format as the original work.


    Club: Cambridge Union Society.



    Golf, lawn tennis.


    • father: Robert Macgrogor
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    Born 1877


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      • Author: Industrial Combination, 1906. Evolution of Industry, 1911. Enterprise Purpose and Profit, 1934. Public Aspects of Finance, 1939. Economic Analysis and Policy, 1949.
      • book: Industrial Combination
      • book: Industrial combination 1906 [Hardcover]
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      • Robert Macgrogor
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