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Lauren Wilde Casaday

Lauren Wilde Casaday, American economist, educator. Recipient distinguished service award for achievement in economics, government, and outstanding public service, Chapman College, Chapman College Alumni Association, 1953.


  • Casaday, Lauren Wilde was born on July 3, 1905 in Santa Cruz Company, California, United States. Son of Charles H. and Susie (Proctor) Casaday.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Univercity California at Los Angeles, 1927. Doctor of Philosophy, University California at Berkeley, 1937.


    • Teaching fellow economics University of California, 1928-1931. Professor economics U. Santa Clara (California), 1932-1937. Acting statistician Office of California State Labor Commissioner, San Francisco, 1934.

      Associate economist California Emergency Relief Administrn., 1934-1935. Visiting lecturer economics U. Hawaii, 1937-1938. Economist United States Maritime Labor Board, Washington, 1938-1941.

      Senior, principal, chief economics analyst Office of International Finance, Treasury Department, 1941-1949, during which time served as chief British Empire section, Washington 1944-1945, United States Treasury attache, special assistant to ambassador to Court of St. James, United States Embassy, London, England., 1941-1944. Assistant United States Treasury attache United States Embassy, Chungking, China, August-October 1945. Financial advisory, chief financial advisory to commanding general United States Armed Forces and Military Government, Seoul, Korea, November 1945-May 46.

      Assistant, acting and United States Treasury attache United States Embassy, Nanking, China, and United States Consulate-General, Shanghai, 1946-1949. Director bureau business public research, professor economics U. Arizona 1949-1969.


    • Author articles, government bulletins and reports.


    Party affiliation: Democrat


    Denomination: Christian Church


    Member Tucson Airport. Member Pima County (Arizona) Planning and Zoning Commission. Member technical secretariat International Monetary Conference, Bretton Woods, N.H., July 1944.

    Member Joint Commission Economics and Financial Problems, Joint Conference between United States Occupation. Member Tucson Chamber of Commerce, American Economics Association, Western Governmental Research Association, American Society Public Administration, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Gamma Delta.


    • Married Ruth Marian Peiffer, June 28, 1929. Children: Claire Helen & Carol Sue.
    • father: Charles H. Casaday
    • mother: Susie (Proctor) Casaday
    • mother: Susie Proctor - U.S.
    • spouse: Ruth Marian Peiffer
    • children: Claire Helen - U.S.
    • Carol Sue - U.S.
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    Born July 3, 1905
    Died March 27, 1969
    (aged 63)


    Teri Wagner-Nine

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