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Sidney Samuels Hoos

Sidney Samuels Hoos, American economist, educator. Recipient Commendation for Meritorious Service, War Department, Citation of Merit for research American Marketing Association; named to Hall of Fame Canners League California.


  • Hoos, Sidney Samuels was born on May 20, 1911 in Buffalo. Son of Jacob and Rose (Gerrish) Hoos.

  • Education

    • Student of University Maine, 1929-1931. Bachelor of Arts, University of Michigan, 1934, A.M., 1935. Doctor of Philosophy., Stanford University, 1939.

      Fellow First Institute Freedom and Competitive Enterprise, Claremont College, 1954.


    • Research fellow Food Research Institute, Stanford, 1936-1938. Instructor University of California at Berkeley, 1938-1941, associate professor agricultural economics, associate economist experiment station, associate economist Giannini Foundation Agricultural Economics 1946-1949, professor agricultural economics, also professor economics and business administration, economist experiment station, Giannini Foundation Agricultural Economics, 1950-1979, university dean academic personnel University of California System Statewide, 1964-1967. Senior economist, assistant to president Commodity Credit Corporation, Department Agriculture, 1941-1942.

      Chief economist, deputy chief requirements branch Office Question Manager General, War Department, 1942-1945. Consultant Falk Project Economics Research, Israel, 1960-1961, Agricultural Settlement Department, Jewish Agency, Israel, 1960-1961. Economics consultant various agricultural products, agencies federal and state goverments.


    • Author monographs and articles on prices, production, agricultural marketing and agricultural policy. Editor: Agricultural Marketing Boards—An International Perspective, 1979.


    Fellow American Agricultural Economics Association. Member American, Pacific Coast economics associations, American Statistical Association, Econometric Society, American (Executive Committee 1951, editorial council 1954-1957, Executive Committee vice president 1962-1963), Western (Executive Committee 1950-1952, president, award for research 1951) farm economics associations, Institute Management Sciences, International Society Horticultural Sciences.


    • Married Ida Russakoff, June 13, 1942. Children: Phyllis Ellen Hoos DeLeon, Judith Marjorie Hoos Fox.
    • father: Jacob Hoos
    • mother: Rose (Gerrish) Hoos
    • spouse: Ida Russakoff
    • children: Phyllis Ellen Hoos DeLeon Hoos
    • Judith Marjorie Hoos Fox Hoos
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    Born March 20, 1911
    Died September 20, 1979
    (aged 68)