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Donald Frederick Forster

Donald Frederick Forster, Canadian economist, university president. member exec; member Economics Council Can.


  • Forster, Donald Frederick was born on July 13, 1934 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Son of Frederick F. Bachelor of Arts, University Toronto, 1956.

  • Education

    • A.M. (Woodrow Wilson fellow, Imperial Oil fellow), Harvard University, 1958.


    • Research assistant on official biography of W.L.M. King, Ottawa, Ontario, 1958-1960. Lecturer in political economy U. Toronto, 1960-1963, assistant professor political economy, 1963-1965, associate professor economics, 1965-1970, professor economics, 1970-1973, vice provost and executive assistant to president, 1967-1970, 70-71, acting executive vice president (academic) and provost, 1971-1972, vice president, provost, 1972-1975, president, from 1983, professor department economics College Social Science. President U. Guelph Ontario, 1975-1983.

      Economics adviser Tanzania Ministry of Economics Affairs and Development Planning, 1970. Board of Governors U. Guyana, Georgetown, 1976-1980. Member Executive Committee Council Ontario Universities, Toronto, 1976-1980, chairman of the executive committee, 1977-1979.

      Board directors Association Universities and Colls. Canada, Ottawa, 1977-1980. Economics advisor Government of Papua New Guinea, 1974.

      Consultant on official history of Department Trade and Commerce, Ottawa, 1963-1965, consultant on official biography of Commerce.D. Howe, 1964-1965. Member Economics Council Canada, Ottawa, 1981-1984.


    • Author: (with Master of Arts Bienefeld) Economics for Business, 1964, (with Johann Wolfgang Pickersgill) The Mackenzie King Records, volunteer II, 1968, volunteer III, 1970, volunteer IV, 1970. Editor: (with M. H. Watkins) Economics: Canada, 1963. Assistant editor: Canada Annual Review, 1964-1970.

      Review editor: Canada Journal Economics and Political Science. Contributor: articles to Canada Annual Rev, 1961-1970. Research on Canadian-Australian development and trade relations.


    Member exec; member Economics Council Can.


    • father: Frederick F. Bachelor of Arts Forster
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    Born July 13, 1934
    Died August, 1983
    (aged 49)