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Foye Goodner Gibson

Foye Goodner Gibson, American clergyman, gerontologist. Recipient DeFriece award for Service to Humanity, 1967; named Methodist Health and Welfare Administrator of Year, 1972.


  • Gibson, Foye Goodner was born on October 5, 1903 in Bristol, Tennessee, United States. Son of Blair T. and Virginia (Leftwich) Gibson.

  • Education

    • Student, Vanderbilt University, 1927, 29-30.


    • President Emory and Henry College, 1941-1956, Scarritt College, Nashville, 1956-1959. Director emeritus, 1972-1981. Delegate Meth; General Conf.

      General Council on World Service and Finance Meth. Delegate Meth; president Tenn.


    Member Holston Conference Methodist Church, ordained elder, 1931, appointed to, White Pine, Tennessee, 1928-1929, English Congregation, Warszawa, Poland, 1930, Institutional Church, Katowice, Poland, 1931-1932. Member General Council on World Service and Finance Methodist Church, 1944-1956, 64-72, Executive Committee, 1952-1956, 68-72. Member Society Tennessee Mountain Men, Gerontological Society, Tau Kappa Alpha, Kappa Phi Kappa, Theta Phi, Blue Key.


    • Married Doris Aldrich, April. Children: Marita (Mistress.
    • father: Blair T. Gibson
    • mother: Virginia (Leftwich) Gibson
    • spouse: Doris Aldrich
    • child: Marita (Mrs Gibson
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    Born October 5, 1903
    Died November 16, 1981
    (aged 78)