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Harold Locke Hazen

Harold Locke Hazen, American educator. Recipient Levy medal of Franklin Institute, 1935; Lamme Gold medal American Society Engineering Education, 1962; Presidential Certificate of Merit, 1948; L.E. Grinter award Engineers Council Professional Development, 1975, Rufus Oldenburger medal American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1977.


  • Hazen, Harold Locke was born on August 1, 1901 in Philo, Illinois, United States. Son of Wirt Mandeville and Elta Belle (Brewer) Hazen.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Science, Massachusetts Institute Technology, 1924, S.M. Entertainment, 1929, Doctor of Science, 1931.


    • With Massachusetts Institute Technology, since 1925, research assistant in electrical engineering, 1925-1926, instructor, 1926-1931, assistant professor, 1931-1935, associate professor, 1935-1938, professor, head department electrical engineering, 1938-1952, dean Graduate School, 1952-1967, foreign study adviser, 1967-1972. Member of advisory council department electrical engineering Princeton, 1948-1956. Chief div. 7. National Defense Research Comm., 1942-1946, exchange professor electrical engineering Ohio State University, 1934-1935.

      Consultant on engineering education Robert College Istanbul, 1955, interim president, 1961. Consultant engineering education American U. Beirut, 1957, Ministry of Education, Iceland, 1958.


    • Contributor articles on instrumental calculation, automatic control devices, engineering education, accreditation.


    Member of the United States Naval Weapons Laboratory advisory council, 1953-1965. Served as Second lieutenant Air Service, 1924-1929. Fellow I.E.E.E. (life), American Academy Arts and Sciences (council), Franklin Institute (life).

    Member American Society Engineering Education (life.


    • Married Katherine Pharis Salisbury, September 5, 1928. Children: Stanley Seamans, Martha Locke (Mistress.
    • father: Wirt Mandeville Hazen
    • mother: Elta Belle (Brewer) Hazen
    • spouse: Katherine Pharis Salisbury
    • children: Stanley Seamans Hazen
    • Martha Locke (Mrs Hazen
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    Born August 1, 1901
    Died February 21, 1980
    (aged 78)