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Raymond H. Rignall

Raymond H. Rignall, American educator. Decorated by Confederacion Nacional de Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia, 1955; merit award International Cooperation Administration, 1955. Member Phi Delta Kappa.; Club: Rotary (Guatemala City).


  • Rignall, Raymond H. was born on May 6, 1904 in Accord, New York, United States. Son of Charles E. and Gertrude (Hoyle) Rignall.

  • Education

    • Student Allegheny College, 1924-1928, Harvard, summer 1928, Syracuse University, 1928-1929. Bachelor of Arts, New York University, 1933, Master of Arts, 1940. Student Temple University, summer 1948, University of Virginia Extension School, 1950-1951.


    • Elementary school teacher, Kingston, New York, 1933-1937, principal, 1949-1951. Elementary school principal, Arlington, Virginia, 1949-1951. Staff education div. United States Operations Mission to Bolivia, Institute Inter-American Affairs, La Paz, Bolivia, 1951-1953, technical director rural education div.

      United States Operations Mission to Bolivia, International Cooperation Administration, 1953-1956. Chief education adviser United States Operations Mission to Guatemala, International Cooperation Administration, Guatemala City, C.A., since 1956. Chairman United States delegation United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Conference in Montevideo, Uruguay, 1958, United States delegate Congreso Indigenista, Guatemala City, 1959.


    Member Phi Delta Kappa. Club: Rotary (Guatemala City).


    • Married Edna F. Rignall, June 28, 1930. Children: Raymond H., Charles E. Businessman, 1929-1932.
    • father: Charles E. Rignall
    • mother: Gertrude (Hoyle) Rignall
    • spouse: Edna F. Rignall
    • children: Raymond H. Rignall
    • Charles E. Businessman Rignall
    • 1929-1932 Rignall
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    Born March 6, 1904
    Died August 1, 1960
    (aged 56)