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Harry Kalven

Harry Kalven, American educator, lawyer. Member com; Member American Academy Arts and Scis.


  • Kalven, Harry was born on September 11, 1914 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

  • Works

    • Author: (with Walter J. Blum) The Uneasy Case for Progressive Taxation, 1953. (with Hans Zeisel, Bernard Buchholz) Delay in the Court, 1959. (with Charles O. Gregory) Cases and Materials in Torts, 1959, 69.

      (with Walter J. Blum) Public Law Perspective on a Private Law Problem: Auto Compensation Plans, 1964. The Negro and the First Amendment, 1965. (with Hans Zeisel) The American Jury, 1966.


    Member com; Member American Academy Arts and Scis.


    • Married Betty Rymer, November 6, 1945. Children: James, Michael, Peter, Katherine.
    • spouse: Betty Rymer
    • children: James Kalven
    • Michael Kalven
    • Peter Kalven
    • Katherine Kalven
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    Born September 11, 1914
    Died October, 1974
    (aged 60)