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Luther Leonidas Terry

Luther Leonidas Terry, American physician, heart specialist, educator. Recipient George B. Glendening Memorial award washington Dental Society, 1965, Distinguished Service medal United States Public Health Service, 1965.


  • Terry, Luther Leonidas was born on September 15, 1911 in Red Level, Alabama, United States. Son of James Edward and Lula M. (Durham) Terry.

  • Education

    • College, 1931, Doctor of Science, 1961. Doctor of Medicine Tulane University, 1935. Doctor of Science, Jefferson Medical College, 1962, Union College, 1964, Rose Polytechnic Institute, 1965, McGill University, 1966, U. Alabama, 1966, St. Joseph’s College, 1966.

      Doctor of Laws, University Alaska, 1964, California College of Medical, 1965. M.D. (honorary), Women’s Medical College, Philadelphia, 1964. Doctor of Science, University Rhode Island, 1964, Tulane University School Medicine, 1964.

      Doctor of Laws, Marquette U., 1968, Philadelphia College Pharmacy and Science, 1970. Diplomate: American Board Internal Medicine, National Board Medical Examiners.


    • Research (director), National Wildlife Federation (associate), Royal Society Health (Great Britain), Public Health Service Clinical Society (past president), Pan American Medical Association, Medical and Chirurgical Faculty Maryland. (honorary), Montgomery County (Maryland.) Medical Society (honorary), Alabama Academy Honor, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Kappa Alpha (Distinguished Alumnus award Delta chapter 1961, Distinguished Achievement award 1962).


    Member of staff United States Public Health Service Hospital, Baltimore, 1942-1943, chief medical service, 1943-1953. Member cardiovascular study section National Institutes of Health, 1950-1955. Member medical div. Strategic Bombing Survey, Japan, 1945-1946.

    Member of advisory board Leonard Wood Memorial Institute Nutrition Sciences, Columbia University. Member chairman National Interagy. Council on Smoking and Health, 1967-1970.

    Member facilities and resources committee National Library Medicine. Member of advisory board National Resuscitation Society. Member of advisory council American Museum Health.

    Member expert committee World Health Organization, 1974. Member-at-large National council Boy Scouts American. Fellow American College of Physicians (past governor, honorary master 1973), American College Cardiology (Robert D. Bruce award 1965), American College Chest Physicians, American College Hospital Adminstrs., American College Dentists, Philadelphia College Physicians.

    Member of the American Medical Association (past.


    • Married Beryl Janet Reynolds, June 29, 1940. Children: Janet Reynolds Kollock, Luther Leonidas, Michael D. Bachelor of Science, Birmingham-Southern.
    • father: James Edward Terry
    • mother: Lula M. (Durham) Terry
    • spouse: Beryl Janet Reynolds
    • children: Janet Reynolds Kollock Terry
    • Luther Leonidas Terry
    • Michael D. Bachelor of Science Terry
    • Birmingham-So Terry
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    Born September 15, 1911


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