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Thomas Christian Kavanagh

Thomas Christian Kavanagh, American consultant engineer, urban planner, educator.


  • Kavanagh, Thomas Christian was born on August 17, 1912 in New York City. Son of Patrick F. and Anna C. (Unger) Kavanagh.

  • Education

    • Student Technology U., Berlin, Germany, 1930-1931. Bachelor of Science, College City New York, 1932. Master of Science in Civil Engineering, 1933.

      Master of Business Administration, New York University, 1942, Doctor of Science in Engineering, 1948. Eng.D. (honorary), Lehigh University, 1974.


    • Technology assistant to research director Johns-Manville Corporation, 1935-1937. Structural engineer, designer, squad and section leader Devenco, Inc., Frederick R. Harris, Inc., M.W. Kellogg Inc., Fairchild Aircraft, Office Chief Engineer City New York, 1933-1945. Assistant professor сivil engineering New York University, 1945-1948, department chairman сivil engineering, professor structural engineering, 1952-1954, Adjunct Professor, 1954-1955.

      Adjunct Professor сivil engineering Columbia, 1956-1965. Professor сivil engineering Pennsylvania State University, 1948-1952. Partner Praeger-Kavanagh-Waterbury, consultant engrs. architects, 1953-1969, vice president, from 1969.

      Vice president Madigan-Hyland, Inc., from 1969. Senior vice president Madigan-Praeger, Inc., 1969-1975. Vice president Louis Berger International Inc., East Orange, New Jersey, 1975-1978.

      Consultant atomic blast protection United States government.


    • Co-author: (text) Design of Foundations for Buildings. Author sects. in various engring, handbooks. Contributor numerous papers professional literature.


    Fellow New York Academy Sciences (honorary life. Member National Society Professional Engineers, American Concrete Institute, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Society Engineering Education, International Association Bridge and Structural Engineering, American Welding Society, Column Research Council Engineering Foundation, National Academy Engineering (founding.


    • Married Kerstin E. Berglund, September 18, 1937. Children: Patricia Frances, Kenneth Thomas, Susan Karin.
    • father: Patrick F. Kavanagh
    • mother: Anna C. (Unger) Kavanagh
    • spouse: Kerstin E. Berglund
    • children: Patricia Frances Kavanagh
    • Kenneth Thomas Kavanagh
    • Susan Karin Kavanagh
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    Born August 17, 1912
    Died March, 1978
    (aged 65)


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      • urban planner
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      • Co-author: (text) Design of Foundations for Buildings. Author sects. in various engring, handbooks. Contributor numerous papers professional literature.
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      • Patricia Frances Kavanagh
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      • Kenneth Thomas Kavanagh
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      • Susan Karin Kavanagh
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      • Anna C. (Unger) Kavanagh
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      • Kerstin E. Berglund
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      • Patrick F. Kavanagh
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