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William Tatham

William Tatham, British civil engineer, geographer.


  • Tatham, William was born on April 13, 1752 in Hutton-in-the-Forest, Cumberland, England. Son of Review Sandford and Miss (Marsden) T. Clerk, Watauga Association, drafted petition of inhabitants on Western waters for incorporation into government of North Carolina, 1776.

  • Career

    • Delegate North Carolina General Assembly, 1787.


    • Author: Memorial on the Civil and Military Government of the Tennessee Colony, 1790. Remarks on Inland Canals, 1798. Political Economy of Inland Navigation, Irrigation, and Drainage, 1799.


    • father: Review Sandford Clk
    • mother: Miss (Marsden) T. Clk
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    Born April 13, 1752
    Died February 22, 1819
    (aged 66)