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Wernher Von Braun

Wernher Von Braun, German engineer. award Dept; award Aerospace Elec; award, 1965; award American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1967.


  • Braun, Wernher Von was born on March 23, 1912 in Wirsitz, Eastern Germany. Son of Baron Magnus and Emmy (von Quistorp) Von Braun.

  • Education

    • Student Institute Technology, Zurich, Switzerland, 1930. Bachelor of Science, Institute Technology, Berlin, 1932. Doctor of Philosophy, University Berlin, 1934.

      Doctor of Science, University Alabama, St. Saint Louis University, U. Pittsburgh, Canisius College, Clark University, Technology U., Berlin, National U., Cordoba, Argentina, Iowa Wesleyan College, Florida Institute Technology, Wagner College, Emory University, Butler U., Bradley University, University South Dakot, Rollins College. Doctor of Laws, University Chattanooga, Pepperdine U., Pennsylvania Military College, Adelphi College, Iona College, William Jewell College, Notre Dame U., married Maria Von Quistorp, March 1, 1947.


    • Came to the United States, 1945, naturalized, 1955. Assistant to Professor Oberth, 1930, experimenting with small liquid fuel rocket motors, Berlin-Ploetzensee. Founding member Rocket Field Berlin, small rocket experimental station, sponsored and financed by German Rocket Society, 1930.

      Liquid fuel rocket expert German Ordnance Department, Kummersdorf, 1932-1937. Technical director German Rocket Research Center, Peenemuende, Baltic Sea, 1937-1945. Responsible for development of V-2 Long Range Rocket and A.A. Guided Missile Wasserfall, 1937-1945.

      With unites states department Defense, Ordance Department, as technical adviser to White Sands Proving Grounds, also project director Fort Bliss, Texas, 1945-1950. Chief Guided Missile Development Division, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama, 1950-1956. Director Development Operations Division, Army Ballistic Missile Agency, Huntsville, 1956-1960, director George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1960-1970, responsible for development Saturn V rockets, Apollo lunar landing program and Skylab space station, deputy associate administrator, Washington, 1970-1972.

      Vice president engineering and development Fairchild Industries, 1972-1977. Chairman international sponsor committee Robert Goddard Library Program, Clark University 1965-1977. President National Space Institute, Washington.


    • Author: The Mars Project, 1953. Co-author: Physics and Medicine of the Upper Atmosphere, 1952. Space Medicine, 1952.

      Across the Space Frontier, 1952. Conquest of the Moon, 1953. The Exploration of Mars, 1956.

      Project Satellite, 1958. First Men to the Moon, 1960. A Journey Through Space and the Atom, 1962.

      History of Rocketry and Space Travel, 1967, review edit., 1973, 75. Space Frontier, 1967, review edit., 1971. Contributor articles in field.


    Fellow British Interplanetary Society (honorary), American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, American Astronomical Society, Indiana Institute Technology. Member Norwegian Interplanetary Society, Gesellschaft fuer Raketentechnik und Raumfahrt (Munich, Germany), Hermann Oberth Society, Hellenic Astronomical Society. Member Rocket City Astronomical Association (president), International Academy Astronautics (honorary), National Academy Engineering, honorary.

    Member Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon, others.; Club: Explorer (New York City).


    • Children: Iris, Margrit, Peter.
    • father: Baron Magnus Braun
    • mother: Emmy (von Quistorp) Von Braun
    • children: Iris Braun
    • Margrit Braun
    • Peter Braun
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    Born March 23, 1912
    Died June 16, 1977
    (aged 65)