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John Michael Callow

John Michael Callow, British mining engineer, metallurgist. Awarded Douglas medal by American Institute Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, 1925, for achievements in non-ferrous metallurgy. Mason. Episcopalian.


  • Callow, John Michael was born on July 7, 1867 in Northrepps, Norwich, Norfolk, England. Son of Michael John and Emily (Neave) Callow.

  • Education

    • Educated in England; came to the United States, 1890.


    • Engineer and draftsman with Stearns, Roger Manufacturing Company, 1892-1893. Engineer Metallic Extraction Company, 1894. Operating mines and mills in San Juan Company, Colorado, 1895-1896.

      On engineering staff Samuel Newhouse, 1898-1901. Private practice, 1901-1906, inventing Callow settling tank and Callow traveling belt screen. President and manager General Engineering Company, New York, since 1906.

      Designed and built 500-ton plant for National Copper Company, Mullan, Idaho, installing pneumatic flotation cells, 1912. Designing and construction engineer, Mount Isa Mines, Australia, 1928-1931. Originator of pneumatic flotation in treatment of ores.

      Awarded 18 patents.


    Mason. Episcopalian.


    • Married Roberta More, 1893. Children: Bessie Roberta, Margaret Roper More, Francis Marie, Michael John.
    • father: Michael John Callow
    • mother: Emily (Neave) Callow
    • spouse: Roberta More
    • children: Bessie Roberta Callow
    • Margaret Roper More Callow
    • Francis Marie Callow
    • Michael John Callow
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    Born July 7, 1867
    Died July 27, 1940
    (aged 73)