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Niels Anton Christensen

Niels Anton Christensen, Danish engineer. Decorated Denmark Victory Medal, King Christian X. Mason (32°).; Club: Mayfield Country (Cleveland). Owns over 200 patents.


  • Christensen, Niels Anton was born on August 16, 1865 in Toerring, Denmark. Son of Christian and Anne Marie (Nielsen) Jensen.

  • Education

    • Apprentice in shipbuilding and marine engineering. Graduate Technology Institute Copenhagen.


    • 1 daughter, Esther Marie (Mistress Charles Jacob Young). Came to the United States 1891, naturalized citizen. Successively in charge machinery for waterworks of Calcutta, India, then charge refining nitrate of soda, Chile.

      Associate with Fraser-Chalmers, machinery manufacturers, 1892-1893. Assistant to superintendent, chief engineer Edward P. Allis Company, Milwaukee, 1894-1896. Founded Christensen Engineering Company, for manufacturer air brakes on cable cars, 1896, with company until 1903.

      Active during World War I, World World War II developing special hydraulic and compressed air equipment for aircraft. Royal Danish vice-consul, Ohio, since 1928.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Denomination: Episcopalian


    Mason (32°).; Club: Mayfield Country (Cleveland). Owns over 200 patents.


    • Married Mathielde Thomesen, August 19, 1894.
    • father: Christian Jensen
    • mother: Anne Marie (Nielsen) Jensen
    • spouse: Mathielde Thomesen
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    Born August 16, 1865
    Died October, 1952
    (aged 87)