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Howard Hill Jackman

Howard Hill Jackman, American civil engineer.


  • Jackman, Howard Hill was born on February 9, 1852 in E. Liverpool, Ohio, United States. Son of Stockdale and Narcissa P. (Hill) Jackman.

  • Education

    • Studied 2 years Alliance (O.) College. C.E., Bethany College, West Virginia, 1873.


    • Surveyor at East Liverpool, O., 1873-1875. In city engineering department, Cleveland, O., 1875-1877. Returned to East Liverpool, practicing as civil and mining engineer, 1877-1878.

      Surveyor in Harper Company, Kansas, 1878. County surveyor Harper Company, 1880. Upon engineering force, construction department, St. Louis, Fort Scott & Wichita R.R. from Fort Scott, through Wichita, to line of Indian Ty., 1882-1883.

      City engineer Wichita, suptg. complete sewerage and paving systems, city hall, bridges, parks, etc., 1889-1891. Engineer on sewer construction, Topeka, 1891-1892. Judge of awards, Chicago Exposition, 1893.

      With harbor div., City of Chicago, 1894-1895, bureau of engineering, 1895-1899. In charge of construction of 3 miles of 10-foot water works tunnel and maintenance of the five city water works cribs and of div. of tunnel construction and pumping station repairs, 1900-1901. Engineer in charge location trunk line of railway across the two Virginias, 1901-1902.

      Engineer and manager of coal mines and properties in the anthracite field of Arkansas, designing new methods and appliances for operating same, 1903-1907. Designed a sanitary sewer system of 77 miles for Wichita, Kansas, 1908-1909. Chief engineer Joplin, Oklahoma & Western R.R., 1908-1913.

      Chief engineer Memphis, Arkansas & Western R.R., 1913-1918. Engineer maintenance way department M.K. & T. R.R., 1918-1922. Engineer-inspector construction, “cannon ball” concrete surfaced highway from Wichita, Kansas, west 15 mi., 1922.

      Project engineer Missouri State Highway Commission, 1922-1924. Engineer inspector on construction federal aid highway bridges, Jefferson Company, Kansas, since January 1926. Home: Muskogee, Oklahoma.


    • father: Stockdale Jackman
    • mother: Narcissa P. (Hill) Jackman
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    Born February 9, 1852