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Silas H. Palmer

Silas H. Palmer, American engineer. Served as.


  • Palmer, Silas H. was born on July 7, 1874 in Oakland, California, United States. Son of Charles Edgar and Mary Louise (Grigsby) Palmer.

  • Education

    • Student of University California.


    • Served as member of Palmer & McBryde Engineering Company, 1903-1933. Director Pacific Cement & Aggregates, Inc., Bank of California, N.A., Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Fibreboard Paper Products Corporation. Trustee Cypress Lawn Cemetery Association, Union Square Garage Corporation.


    Served as; Clubs: Menlo Country, San Francisco Golf, The Pacific-Union, Olympic.


    • Married Olive Holbrook, June 3, 1903 (died March 28, 1958).
    • father: Charles Edgar Palmer
    • mother: Mary Louise (Grigsby) Palmer
    • spouse: Olive Holbrook
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    Died February 8, 1963
    (aged 88)