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Robert Stevens Parsons

Robert Stevens Parsons, American civil engineer. Member New Jersey Highway Commission, 1917-1920. Trustee Rutgers College; Mason.; Rotarian.


  • Parsons, Robert Stevens was born on May 26, 1873 in Hohokus, New Jersey, United States. Son of Solomon and Louise (Towt) Parsons.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Science, Rutgers College, 1895, C.E., 1900.


    • Connected with various departments of engineering, Erie R.R., leading to general superintendent, 1912-1915. Chief engineer same road, 1915-1920, general manager, 1920-1922, vice president, since 1922.


    The state should not attempt to control the church, nor should the church seek to dominate the state. The separation of church and state should not be misconstrued as the abolition of all religious expression from public life.

    Party affiliation: Republican


    God gives us the Holy Spirit, and when we respond, there is no limit to what the grace of God is able to do in a human life.

    Denomination: Methodist


    The erroneous notion that one gender must strive against another cannot be accepted.


    Member New Jersey Highway Commission, 1917-1920. Trustee Rutgers College. Mason.; Rotarian.


    • Married Eleanor Howse, 1897. Children: Eleanor, Roberta.
    • father: Solomon Parsons
    • mother: Louise (Towt) Parsons
    • spouse: Eleanor Howse
    • children: Eleanor Parsons
    • Roberta Parsons
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    Born March 26, 1873
    Died March 18, 1928
    (aged 54)