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Frank Sherman Washburn

Frank Sherman Washburn, American engineer.


  • Washburn, Frank Sherman was born on December 8, 1860 in Centralia, Illinois, United States. Son of Elmer and Elizabeth Jane (Knight) Washburn.

  • Education

    • C.E., Cornell, 1883; post-graduate work in history and political science, 1885.


    • Engineer of bridges, C.&N.W. R.R., 1885-1888. Superintendent and manager Union Stock Yard & Transit Company, Chicago, 1889. Contracting and construction engineering at New York City, 1890-1900.

      Southern enterprises, 1900-1910. President American Cyanamid Company, chemicals (New York), Air Nitrates Corporation (New York), Goodham Manufacturing Company (Chicago). In charge engineering, construction and operation of 3 government plants for converting air into nitrates, during World War I.


    Denomination: Presbyn


    • Married Irene May Russell, December 3, 1890.
    • father: Elmer Washburn
    • mother: Elizabeth Jane (Knight) Washburn
    • spouse: Irene May Russell
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    Born December 8, 1860
    Died October 9, 1922
    (aged 61)