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Downie Davidson Muir

Downie Davidson Muir, American mining engineer. Member President’s Economic Committee, 1932.


  • Muir, Downie Davidson was born on January 1, 1884 in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. Son of Downie Davidson and Armista (Wilson) Muir.

  • Education

    • Engineer of Mines, Columbia, 1906.


    • Began as mucker, 1906. Superintendent Combination Fraction Mine, Goldfield, Nevada, 1908-1909. With United States Smelting, Refining & Mining Company, Salt Lake City, Utah, since 1910, in exploration department, 1910-1916, manager zinc smelters and mines, Missouri, 1917-1918, manager mines, Salt Lake City, 1919-1922, general manager Utah district, 1922-1924, vice-president and general manager in charge western operations, since 1924.

      Vice president in charge of western operations United States Smelting, Refining and Mining Company, March since 1934. Vice-president and general manager United States Fuel Company, 1924-1935, president, since 1935.


    Member President’s Economic Committee, 1932.


    • Married Jewel Balfour, September 24, 1908. Children: Milene Balfour, Downie Davidson 3d.
    • father: Downie Davidson Muir
    • mother: Armista (Wilson) Muir
    • spouse: Jewel Balfour
    • children: Milene Balfour Muir
    • Downie Davidson 3d Muir
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    Born January 1, 1884
    Died October 23, 1937
    (aged 53)