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Cecil Edgar Tilley

Cecil Edgar Tilley, Australian petrologist. Recipient Bigsby medal Geological Society of London, 1937; Roebling medal Mineral. Society American, 1954; Woolaston medal Geological Society of London, 1960, President Geological Society London, 1949-1950. Mineral. Society Great Britain, 1948-1951, 1957-1960.


  • Tilley, Cecil Edgar was born on May 14, 1894 in Adelaide, South Australia. Son of John Edward and Catherine Jane (Nicholas) Tilley.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Science, University Adelaide, 1914. University Sydney, 1915. Doctor of Philosophy., University Cambridge, 1922.

      Honorary Doctor of Science, U. Manchester, 1955, U. Sydney, 1964.


    • 1 daughter, Anne Demonstrator geology and mineralogy U. Sydney, 1916. Chemist Department Explosives Supply, Queensterry, 1917-1918. Lecturer petrology U. Cambridge, 1928-1931, professor mineralogy and petrology, 1931-1961.

      Research associate Carnegie Institution, Washington, 1956.


    Fellow Royal Society (honorary) (London, Edinburgh). Member Geological Society America. Mineral. Society American, Royal Society New Zealand, Geological Society Stockholm, International Mineral Association (president 1964).


    • Married Irene Doris Marshall, June 21, 1928.
    • father: John Edward Tilley
    • mother: Catherine Jane (Nicholas) Tilley
    • spouse: Irene Doris Marshall
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    Born March 14, 1894
    Died January 24, 1973
    (aged 78)