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Hans Alfred Vogelstein

Hans Alfred Vogelstein, German mining executive.


  • Vogelstein, Hans Alfred was born on March 3, 1904 in Koenigsberg, Germany. Son of Hermann and Emmy (Kosack) Vogelstein.

  • Education

    • Student in public schools, Germany.


    • 1 son, John Ludwig. Came to the United States, 1923, naturalized, 1929. With American Metal Climax, Inc., New York City, since 1923, beginning as clerk, successively department head. assistant secretary, secretary, treasurer, 1923-1953, vice president, treasurer, 1953-1957, president, 1957-1959, director, since 1948. Director Tsemeb Corporation, Ltd., Consolidated Coppermines Corporation Director, governor Commodity Exchange, Inc., 1940-1957.


    • Married Ruth Krieger, August 28, 1931.
    • father: Hermann Vogelstein
    • mother: Emmy (Kosack) Vogelstein
    • spouse: Ruth Krieger
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    Born March 3, 1904
    Died August 6, 1960
    (aged 56)