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Clarence Otis Hamilton

Clarence Otis Hamilton, business executive.


  • Hamilton, Clarence Otis was born on May 27, 1913 in Flint, Michigan, United States. Son of Bertis F. and Nell (Pruitt) Hamilton.

  • Career

    • Director Irwin Bank & Trust Company Home: Columbus, Ind</td><tr><td class="label_burgverd11px"><b>Death</b></td></tr><tr><td> Died 1982.


    • Married Dorothy V. Fitzpatrick Gallahue, August 2, 1975. Children: George O., Elaine Hamilton Jacobson, Louise Hamilton Kruger, Charles L. Co-founder Cosco, Inc.
    • father: Bertis F. Hamilton
    • mother: Nell (Pruitt) Hamilton
    • spouse: Dorothy V. Fitzpatrick Gallahue
    • children: George O. Hamilton
    • Elaine Hamilton Jacobson Hamilton
    • Louise Hamilton Kruger Hamilton
    • Charles L. Co-founder Cosco Hamilton
    • Inc Hamilton
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    Born March 27, 1913
    Died 1982
    (aged 68)