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Irenee Dupont

Irenee Dupont, business executive.


  • Dupont, Irenee was born on December 21, 1876 in near Wilmington, Delaware, United States. Son of Lammot and Mary (Belin) duP.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute Technology, 1897, Master of Science, 1898.


    • Mariana (Mistress Henry H. Silliman), Octavia M. (Mistress John Bruce Bredin), Lucile E. Mistress Robert R. Flint), Irenee. President, Éleuthère Irénée du Pont de Nemours & Company, 1919-1926, vice Chairman of the Board 1926-1940, director, honorary Chairman of the Board, since 1954. Home: Granogue, Delaware Office: Du Pont Building, Wilmington, Del.


    • Married Irene Sophie du Pont, February 1900. Children: Irene Sophie (Mistress Ernest N. May), Margaretta L. (Mistress Crawford H. Greenewalt), Constance S. (Mistress Colgate W. Darden, Junior.
    • father: Lammot Dupont
    • mother: Mary (Belin) Dupont
    • spouse: Irene Sophie du Pont
    • children: Irene Sophie Dupont (Mistress Ernest N. May)
    • Margaretta L. Dupont (Mistress Crawford H. Greenewalt)
    • Constance S. (Mistress Colgate W. Darden Dupont
    • Jr Dupont
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    Born December 21, 1876
    Died December 19, 1963
    (aged 86)